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We have some unique and interesting mirrors available for sale. Whether it be to spruce up a bathroom or add something unique to your hall or lounge then we have it.

A mirror for a cloakroom - ideal size and pivotted - in brass fittings and new condition - price to you???? Only £19.99 - a massive saving on new prices!!!!!

This is an unique mirror, created by a Glasgow artist, using green stained mdf hand-carved with inserts of rare American stained glass and was used to create a special effect in our piano room seen at www.silverwellshouse.co.uk. This mirror stands 7' tall and 5' wide - its big and distinctive!!!!!!

We also have 3 bathroom mirrors, each different, with various etched designs. All made in Germany and each cost over £150 new.... are available for sale at only £89.99 - pictures available


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