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We have a range of good pre-owned catering equipment available for sale.

A one year old Falcon 6-burner boiling top, in perfect working condition. These things last for decades and when bought new cost £1500. This one is currently being used occasionally but we are open to any good offer!
We have two glass fronted fridges in almost new condition - one was used for keeping juice cool and the other was for fresh meat. Both were supplied by Lowe Refridgeration and both are in full working order. These units are just over 6' tall and are incredibly reliable. They are on offer at a price of only £249 - half their normal price!!

We have two Maidaid Halcyon Commercial Dishwashers in full working order available for sale. Further pictures are available.
The top machine seen here has 2 wash settings and its wash cycle ranges from 90 seconds to 150 seconds. It is in very good condition and is fully working. The drain uses a gravity system, and there is a rinsaid facility. New this sells for £1600, but is available for only £699 with a 2 month warranty.
The second lower machine is similar in size and wash capability and has been used primarily as a glass wash unit. It is also fitted with a drain pump. This is worth £1500 when new, and is for sale at £649 with a two month warranty.
Both units come with an 18-plate tray and a cup/glass tray.

We have one 4' stainless steel table in brand new condition available for sale at £75. High quality and only 18 months old this is a snip!

A four pot electric dry Bains Marie by Parry in excellent condition - rarely used - is available for sale for only £179. An essential addition to most commercial kitchens. These things cost nearer £400 new so this is an absolute bargain for some lucky person!!

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